Kickstart to Wellness

If you’re pretty good at holding yourself accountable and getting things done then this intensive 4 hour session is just for you.

You will need to book in for a FREE consultation prior to this so we can focus on the really good stuff on the day.

We will complete a fully comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, fitness and health and from there create a personalised nutrition and fitness plan to fit in with your lifestyle. As I work with you holistically we will also work on Mind & Spirit as well as Body and create new habits for your new healthy lifestyle.

As part of this package you will also have access to me for support for the month following via messenger or email.

Cost £250

vision creation

What is one thing you really want to create in your life? What is your top goal for now?

Join me for this 4 hour intensive session to kick start you on your vision and gain the knowledge and tools for you to see it through to creation

It's all about you. Ensure you book yourself in for a FREE Initial consult first to ensure we get the most out of your session.

Cost £250